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Welcome to Seoby Electronics Co., Ltd. in Korea.


Since established in 1994, we have leaded wireless transmitting and receiving technologies specialized in IR (infrared) remote control, RF (radio frequency) remote control, and voice recognition command. etc.


We are launching a newly Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology using smartphones to expand a convenient Intelligent Smart Home Controls (home networking).


Intelligent Smart Home Control is to manage all IR devices (TV, Set-top Box, Blue-ray / DVD, Audio, Air conditioner) and Zigbee devices (Lamp, Switch, Outlet, Lamp dimmer, Gas closer, Door lock, Curtain etc., through smartphones Bluetooth and Wi-Fi applications.


Anywhere at home can reach all the other rooms and locations.  Also, Wi-Fi application is available to access to all home devices from outdoor by using your smartphones or tablets.


We will show a whole system of how smartphones operate applications link with all home devices limitless. The special point of this technology is WIRELESS control needless cable connection at home or building. Just installing of our wireless devices will make home control perfectly without any cable connection or wall reconstruction.








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